PIN coupling

What’s pin bush coupling?
Industrial Pin Bush Coupling
The function of a flexible coupling is to transmit torque from on shaft to another where limited mis alignment might occur and to absorb shock loads.
We are one of the prominent companies engaged in providing Pinbush Coupling which has highly developed rubber compounds for use in bushes to absorb shock, tensional vibrations and minor misalignments. These couplings will be flexible in type and tend to be of the cushioned travel type that is employed for transmitting the torque through maximum tensile metal bolts to the machine input. Moreover, these are simple and compact in construction which makes these with the capacity of transmitting high torques at maximum speeds. These types of couplings generally permit travel in either direction and need neither lubrication, nor adjustment after fitting.

Pin and Bush Couplings
Vertical/horizontal mounting
Adsorbs vibrations
Progressive torsion early spring properties due to primarily pressurised bushings
Fail-safe in the event of the failure of the bushings
Convenient replacement of bushings without disassembly of the coupling halves
Free of maintenance, no lubrication necessary
Declaration of conformity relative to ATEX 2014/34/EU possible
Typical applications
Pump drives
Belt drives
General mechanical engineering

Ever-electricity pin and bush coupling
Ever-power couplings contain a set of resilient BARREL Shaped bushes with pins & nuts and two flanged hubs of graded cast iron.
The special BARREL shaped bushes permit the MISALIGNMENT IN ALL DIRECTIONS and present extra torsional flexibility when compared with plain bushes.
These couplings are suitable for basic engineering application requiring reliable power tranny even underneath conditions of shaft misalignments which are often unavoidable.

Ever-power couplings are being used while flexible compensating couplings in all applications requiring a trusted transmitting of torque under harsh operating conditions. The conical chairs of the buffer pins facilitate installation and guarantee maintenance-free procedure. The optimized condition of the barrelled buffers permits basic plug-in assembly and low circumferential backlash. A large number of type variants are offered, e. g. with brake disk, axial play limiting unit, or brake motor couplings.
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Examples of application
Ever-power couplings are being used generally mechanical engineering both while high-velocity couplings and for substantial torques, e. g. in
Screw pumps
Cement processing machines7
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Benefits of the product
Flexible fail-secure pin and bush coupling for method up to high torques
Compact style; low weights and mass occasions of inertia
Independent of path of rotation (ideal for reversing operation)
Suitable for plug-in assembly (blind assembly, bell housing installation)
Torque range of the standard series between 200 Nm and 1,300,000 Nm
Can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres; certified acc. to 94/9/EC (ATEX 95)

Pin & Bush Couplings
Simple and practically indestructible, the pin and bush design and style is ideal for applications that involve security, such as elevator drives or perhaps fire pumps. The fail-safe aspect of the design allows the coupling to become serviced at effortless intervals, should the elastomer become damaged.
The elastomer elements decrease vibration and dampen impact loads, and also accommodate misalignment up to 0.5 degrees. The original bushing is certainly a neoprene elastomer with a graphite impregnated bronze sleeve. They are still available, in addition to a contemporary version of the concept: urethane bushings.

Ever-vitality also manufactures many customized variations of the coupling including brake drum and shear pin type couplings.
Damping shaft coupling that works extremely well universally to compensate for shaft misalignment
Nominal torque range between TKN = 19 Nm up to 62,000 Nm with 23 sizes
Temperature range: from -50 °C to +100 °C

Robust and verified a million times
Because of their torsional overall flexibility, Ever-power couplings can approach critical torsional vibrations from the operating region of mechanical equipment so that no negative effects on the drive train should be expected. Ever-ability couplings are made from high-top quality cast iron. The adaptable elements made of synthetic rubber (Buna-N) are available in different levels of hardness for most applications. Steel pins and flexible components are designed in order that no use occurs when they are properly fitted.

Your benefits instantly
Fail-safe for optimum operational reliability
Three-part type well suited for plug-in assembly and simplified replacement unit of elements
Selection of elastomer hardness to suit various applications
Ideal for use in potentially explosive environments; certified according to
2014/34/EU (ATEX)
High degree of option of parts ex stock

Established as an professional standard, worldwide in use
Mining and Cement: heating technology
Coal and oil: pumps, fans, compressors, oxygen condensers
Power Generation: pumps, enthusiasts, compressors, air condensers, water turbines
Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: driers, lauter tuns, pumps, enthusiasts, compressors, mixers, agitators, reactors
Plastic and Rubber: sole- and double-screw extruders
Pulp and Paper: wastewater purification plants
Water and Wastewater: aerators
Food and Beverage: lauter tuns, reactors, agitators, mixers

Did you know?
Original Ever-power elastomers ensure the optimal operation of your system. The flexible components of the Ever-vitality coupling are at the mercy of compression. If the flexible elements are irreparably broken, the hub parts touch metal. This “emergency operation capability” is required, e.g., regarding fire pump drives.